Infant Jesus School

At Infant Jesus, our Vision is to develop the whole child to seek the truth through the teachings of Christ in Faith, Hope and Love.

Safe School Policy and Pastoral Care Plan

Our Vision is to develop the whole child to seek the truth through the teachings of Christ in Faith, Hope and Love.

Our Goals are to:

  • Establish a loving Catholic Community which provides an environment of Evangelisation to nurture spirituality and prayer and promotes our mission of Truth and Justice which is embedded in our Faith, our Hope and our Love.
  • Provide opportunities for the children to grow in understanding of their Faith as they develop their unique God given talents, so as to grow in the image of God.
  • Develop a learning community which fosters a life-long love of learning and a attitude which promotes achievement of full potential.
  • Acknowledge the partnership between Parents and the School community which share the role of passing on the understanding and traditions of our Catholic Faith. Affirm their role as the prime educators of their children and encourage their participation within the whole school community.
  • Promote close interaction between the school, parish and local community to develop a caring, Christian society.
  • Provide a safe, secure, happy and stimulating environment where each person grows in acceptance of themselves and others and understands their uniqueness and place in our world.

Rights & Responsibilities
Infant Jesus School is committed to ensuring all students have a right to learn and grow within the school community, feeling safe, accepted, supported, respected and valued. Every member of the school community has a responsibility to respect themselves and to show respect towards others.

The essence of spirituality in our relationships with each other is underpinned by the Gospel values of:

  • Love Truthfulness
  • Faith Servant leadership
  • Prayer Cooperation
  • Reverence Compassion
  • Hope Personal responsibility
  • Charity Commitment to Community
  • Peacefulness A sense of Wonder
  • Justice Mutual Respect
  • Forgiveness

Infant Jesus School does not tolerate bullying in any form. The school community is committed to ensuring a safe and caring Environment.

Our specific aims are to:

  • Provide an environment, a curriculum and a set of practices based on the Gospel.
  • Enable students to attain the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices which will enable them to achieve Christ’s vision of the human person.
  • Ensure students see Christian values lived rather than spoken of and experience sincere interpersonal relationships.
  • Be concerned with the nurturing and wellbeing of all the community.
  • Provide a happy learning environment in which every student feels safe and has the opportunity to participate in all activity.

We implement our aims by:

  • Treating all with respect
  • Being proud of our school
  • Respecting our property

We expect everyone to:

  • Take responsibility for own feelings. Do not expect others to read your mind. Use “I” statements and refrain from blaming.
  • Communicate directly with the person or persons involved in an issue. Do not work through go-betweens or serve as a go-between.
  • Not speak critically about others behind their back.
  • State position or concern before asking others how they feel about it. Do not set others up to give a ‘wrong’ answer.
  • Practice listening with eyes, ears and heart.
  • Provide continual feedback.
  • Respect and validate others feelings.
  • Use humour softly. Do not use putdowns to self or others disguised as humour.

All our children are:

  • Heard
  • Welcomed
  • Understood
  • Given creative opportunities
  • Seen as individuals

Our children:

  • Belong
  • Have a sense of Community
  • Are loved
  • Are recognised for who they are

Our Guidelines are to :

  • Be firm and kind at the same time.
  • Be consistent in our actions.
  • Separate the deed from the doer. Indicate that the child is respected even when her or his behaviour is not socially acceptable.
  • Encourage independence. Avoid doing for children what they can do for themselves.
  • Recognise who owns the problem.
  • Refuse to fight or to give in. Set limits and allow the child to decide how to respond to them.

In Catholic education, Christ is the foundation. The harassment or bullying of any person within Catholic education is contrary to the Gospel and the vision of Catholic education. Infant Jesus is committed to ensuring that children at our school can learn in an environment free of harassment and bullying.

Bullying is a wilful, conscious behaviour intended to hurt another person, either physically or emotionally. Bullying can take many forms. Repeated acts of the following may constitute an act of Bullying.

  • Verbal
  • Making hurtful and racist comments/jokes/name calling
  • Commenting on social or family backgrounds
  • Picking on others


  • Spreading rumours, gossip
  • Taking or damaging property
  • Sending hurtful notes
  • Attempting to intimidate, threaten or belittle


  • Exclution from a group
  • Deliberately ignoring or avoiding


  • Hitting, punching, tripping
  • Kicking, biting
  • Negative body language
  • Damage to property

Strategies that are implemented to deter inappropriate behaviour:

  • Relationship/social skill development with all children
  • Active supervision in school yard
  • Small group and individual counselling
  • Conflict resolution understanding and development.

When Staff become aware that an incident of bullying may have occurred the following procedure will be undertaken:

  • Refer to Principal—a process of gathering and analysing information will be undertaken.
  • Contact Parents.
  • Develop Action Plan in consultation with all stakeholders i.e. Principal, Staff, Parents & Children

The Action Plan should state:
- goals
- strategies to achieve goals
- time frame for monitoring
- indication of how achievement of goals will be measured

  • Implement Plan.
  • Review Action Plan as necessary.

Plan will be followed according to the situation. Different situations may require different strategies.

Infant Jesus School community states that any form of bullying is totally unacceptable behaviour and will not be tolerated at any time.
What can Children do?

Children need to:

  • Believe in themselves.
  • Understand that everyone has the right to feel safe and valued.
  • Talk to family and friends.
  • Talk to adults at school i.e. Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal.
  • Report incidents of bullying to Staff in order to seek help.
  • Refuse to be involved in any bullying situation.

What can Parents do?

Parents need to monitor their child and:

  • Be aware of child’s change in attitude and behaviour.
  • Notify school if aware of an incident which concerns your child.
  • Show interest in your child’s school, social and sporting life.
  • Encourage your child to bring friends home.
  • Discuss school’s expectations about behaviour and how best to deal with situation.
  • Encourage your child’s self esteem.